Stacked Stone Cladding

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    Create Beautiful Stacked Stone Retaining Walls

    Stacked Stone is an astonishing modern natural stone cladding that is perfect for accenting retaining walls, pillars and water features for both external and internal applications.

    DecoR Stone cladding is made of natural slate stone and presents an everlasting design with a unique feel.

    Stacked Stone Cladding In Use

    The DecoR Stacked Stone range includes fifteen colours, offering exceptional ambiences. Individual panels measure 600x150mm each and are 20-40mm thick.

    This is a durable and premium building material that presents design flexibility. Whether your design necessitates accentuation or an entire wall cladding, DecoR Stacked Stone cladding is the right choice. With the new range designers and architects are able to soften the boundary between interior and exterior areas. The strength and thickness of the material makes it a perfect material for use on retaining walls.

    Stacked Stone Colours

    Although every effort has been made, by the manufacturer, to ensure uniformity in colour – pictures are a guide only to the final product and colour variances may occur.

    NOTE: External and water feature applications of Onyx and Russet colour should always be coated with a suitable resin sealer to avoid staining that can occur with this product. It is recommended that all colours within this range be coated for external applications.

    Stacked Stone Cladding Corner Profiles

    Interlocking corner profiles are available in all 15 colours.

     Video How To Install Stacked Stone

    Downloadable Documents

    Click Here To Download or View (Note: you need Adobe Acrobat Reader):

    DecoR Stacked Stone- Required Materials Estimation - Products For Successful Stone Cladding Installation - Stacked Stone Product Specification SheetStacked Stone Brochure

    Stacked Stone Laying Materials

    These are the adhesive information sheets from the manufacturer’s site.

    Mapei Kerabond Plus (Adhesive) - Mapei Isolastic (Adhesive) - Mapei Mapelastic (waterpoofing and efflorescence barrier)

    NOTE: It is recommended that you use the Mapei Mapelastic as a primer prior to applications that may require waterproofing and/or efflorescence barrier. Also, Mapei Kerabond Plus and Mapei Isolastic need to be mixed together.

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