Stacked Stone Cladding

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    Create Beautiful Stacked Stone Retaining Walls

    If you are looking to add a distinct style and visual appeal to your home or commercial space, Stacked Stone is the ultimate solution. With Stacked Stone cladding, you can create exquisite water features, use it to accent walls, and build magnificent pillars for both exterior and interior applications.

    Stacked stone features a unique arrangement of 100% natural, flat building stones that exude elegance and beauty.

    With the growing demand for adding an aesthetic charm to any space, stacked stones are widely used to decorate walls, fireplaces, stone veneers, and water features. Built from natural stones, stacked stone cladding comes in various shades ranging from red to brown to grey, adding a warm ambiance to the space.

    Stacked Stone cladding is widely used for marvellous outdoor or interior décor.

    To achieve a more authentic and enchanting look and feel, designers prefer using real stacked stones rather than veneer for accentuating the beauty and elegance of any space.

    Stacked Stone Cladding In Use:

    Owing to its stacked nature, stacked stone cladding is typically built against a firm structure, such as, a beam to deliver extra support to the stones. It is stacked without an adhesive agent, giving your home or outdoor space a more natural appeal.

    For stacked stone cladding of more than 3 feet in height, it must be supported with concrete footing, wire baskets, or steel rods. The support will prevent the cladding from collapsing and causing damage.

    Stacked Stone Colours

    Although every effort has been made, by the manufacturer, to ensure uniformity in colour – pictures are a guide only to the final product and colour variances may occur.

    NOTE: External and water feature applications of Onyx and Russet colour should always be coated with a suitable resin sealer to avoid staining that can occur with this product. It is recommended that all colours within this range be coated for external applications.

    Stacked Stone Cladding Corner Profiles

    Interlocking corner profiles are available in all 15 colours.

    Video How To Install Stacked Stone

    Hiring a professional for installing stacked stone veneer can be expensive. DIY stacked stone cladding installation is simple and easy, allowing you to save good money.

    Here are the steps for installing stacked stone cladding:

    Step 1: Estimation

    Measure the length and breadth of the surface where you wish to install stacked stone cladding. Determine the dimension of a single stacked stone panel and likewise, estimate the total number of stones required. For estimating dimensions of the corners, calculate linear distance of the edge and divide the same by the length and breadth of the stacked stone to get the total number of stones required.

    Step 2: Preparing the Surface

    To prepare the surface for installation, first cover it, with a waterproof paper and then by metal lath. Next, smoothly cover the metal lath with scratch coat mortar for a layer of 4-8 inches thick. Use a hand rake to scratch the plaster while it is still wet and leave it to dry for at least 48 hours.

    Step 3: Install the Stacked Stone

    Next, brush the backside of the stones or wash them to remove dirt and grime. Place them on the surface and arrange them according to your design.

    Step 4: Fix the Stacked Stones

    Once you have arranged the stones, apply a thick layer of mortar on the centre of the veneer and taper the edges, with a trowel. The layer of mortar should be 3-4 inches thick. For a more permanent installation, you can also fix the stones with high-quality adhesive.

    Step 5: Set the Stacked Stone Cladding

    Following your design, fix the stones one by one, starting from the bottom. Taking one stone at a time, hold the stone in place and press lightly to set it in place. You can use a paint brush to add mortar in the joints. For the corners, you can use a grinder to cut, shape and fix the stones over the entire space. For more information about stacked stone cladding, contact DécoR Stone, today.

    Applications of Stacked Stone Cladding


    Using natural stacked stone cladding material for your interior walls will give your home or workplace the ambiance of an ancient mansion.


    These stones can add a warm and homely look to your fireplace. They look just as good indoors as outdoors.

    Exterior Lobby

    Stacked stones can be incorporated as part of your exterior lobby design. This is the most common way to use stacked stones in modern homes. These beautiful stone columns are mostly used to support the exterior roof of a house. The use of natural stacked stones is taking centre stage, since stacked stones not only look great, but are less labour intensive to install and not that heavy on the wallet.

    Fire Pit

    You can give your fire pit an added dimension of warmth and elegance with natural stacked stones. Instead of the usual round shape, giving your fire pit an alternative, fun and interesting shape.

    Downloadable Documents

    Click Here To Download or View (Note: you need Adobe Acrobat Reader): DecoR Stacked Stone- Required Materials EstimationProducts For Successful Stone Cladding InstallationStacked Stone Product Specification SheetStacked Stone Brochure

    Stacked Stone Laying Materials

    These are the adhesive information sheets from the manufacturer’s site. Mapei Kerabond Plus (Adhesive)Mapei Isolastic (Adhesive)Mapei Mapelastic (waterpoofing and efflorescence barrier)

    NOTE: It is recommended that you use the Mapei Mapelastic as a primer prior to applications that may require waterproofing and/or efflorescence barrier. Also, Mapei Kerabond Plus and Mapei Isolastic need to be mixed together.

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